Tennessee Football: Cade Mays is proof that Jeremy Pruitt is different

Jeremy Pruitt is different. Tennessee football found a gem, and Cade Mays is more proof of that as Pruitt continues to dominate recruiting.

Tennessee football has been struggling to get back to dominance for the past two decades, and after multiple coaching changes, they failed and failed some more.

Things may be changing in Knoxville, though, with Jeremy Pruitt running the program. Pruitt is a master recruiter, and so far, it looks like he knows how to develop players on the field and in the weight room, unlike our previous administration.

He is also dominating on the recruiting trail, and we’ve seen that over the past couple of years. Pruitt is so good he’s even recruited a player who Butch ran off.

Cade Mays announced on Wednesday that he would be returning to his home state to play for the Tennessee Volunteers. This sent VolTwitter down a couple of different paths.

One path where people were excited to get a really good offensive lineman to transfer out of Georgia and into Tennessee with the second path being “well, don’t forget about what he did when he ditched Tennessee for Georgia.”

At that moment in time, it was best for Mays’ career to go to Georgia so you can’t blame him. He’s decided to come back to Tennessee, so why hold his past against him when he’s willing to give his all for Tennessee instead of Georgia?

Anyways, this is another big get for Pruitt, and it beef up Tennessee’s offensive line a bit more and the projected starting offensive line for 2020 is amazing if Mays can get immediate eligibility and if Trey Smith returns for his senior season and we will find out if Smith is returning later today.

But Pruitt getting Mays to transfer out of Georgia and into Tennessee is a huge pickup and is just another way Pruitt is playing his cards right and continuing to build momentum at Tennessee.

A few hours after announcing Mays is transferring to Tennessee, there were reports that came out that his dad is suing the University of Georgia.

This could open Mays to immediate eligibility for the 2020 season, and even Tom Mars, who works for the NCAA but will represent Mays, has said there’s a very good possibility that Mays receives immediate eligibility.

“I can confirm I am representing Cade Mays in connection with his transfer from Georgia. Based on my investigation of the facts and circumstances, I’m highly confident that Cade will be granted a waiver allowing him to play next season,” Tom Mars told Vols Wire. “Of all the waiver cases I’ve been involved in, I’ve never seen anything quite like this one. And for the sake of everyone who loves college football, I hope I don’t ever see another one.”

That’s great news for Tennessee and Pruitt, especially if Trey Smith does leave for the NFL. I hope Mays can receive immediate eligibility only because that would make Georgia fans freak out a little bit more, and that’s always fun to watch on Twitter and social media.

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Who knows what’s next for Pruitt and the Vols. He’s continuing to build something special at Tennessee, and I don’t expect it to slow down or stop anytime soon.

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