Tennessee Titans: Tim McGraw and Eddie George have me ready to Take Everything

It’s game day, and the Tennessee Titans have a chance to upset playoff rival Baltimore Ravens and move on to the AFC Championship.

Tennessee Titans have high hopes going into Saturday’s AFC Divisional matchup against the Baltimore Ravens with a chance to play in the AFC Championship on the line.

The Ravens have been a playoff rival of the Titans since both teams’ joined the NFL. Titan great Eddie George knows the Ravens all too well, and he has a message for the Titans and its fans.

Tim McGraw also joined in with his own hype video to get Titans fans going, and I’m not going to lie I am ready to Take Everything.

“Take Everything” is the Titans motto going into the Divisional Round matchup, and I think it is a great incapsulation of the Titans’ season so far and the playoff success we have seen from them in the Wild Card win.

Good to Great is something the Titans have been pushing for over the past couple of years. Can the Titans get over the hump and become an NFL powerhouse?

Well, as McGraw says in the video, sometimes when it looks like you hit a dead end, you find a spark. The Titans’ spark was and still is Ryan Tannehill, who has carried the Titans on his back through most of the season.

Now it’s time for Tannehill to continue his dominance in the Divisional Round against playoff rival Baltimore Ravens. Eddie George knows that rivalry very well.

“The Titans are heading to Baltimore.” Who would have thought that the Titans would be heading to Baltimore in the Divisional Round of the playoffs early in the season?

Well, you don’t have to think about it because it’s a reality and Eddie George is hype and he has me ready to Take Everything.

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The Titans took down the dynasty last week, they have a chance to take down arguably the best team in the NFL, they have a chance to take the AFC, and they have a chance to Take Everything and it starts in Baltimore.

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