The Tennessee Titans are a team of destiny

The Tennessee Titans are moving on to the AFC Championship after winning two games no one thought they could. Does that mean they’re a team of destiny?

The Tennessee Titans have won back-to-back unwinnable games against the dynasty of the NFL and the MVP and now is a team of destiny candidate.

To say there can’t be a team of destiny anymore because the sports landscape is wrong. The Washington Nationals and Toronto Raptors in 2019, and the Philadelphia Eagles 2018 are very recent and perfect examples.

Looking at what the Titans have gone through this season, it looks like the Titans could be the next team of destiny.

They started the season 2-4, switch quarterbacks, finished the season 7-3 to make the playoffs, beat the New England Patriots in Foxborough, beat the one seed Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, and now have a chance to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead in the AFC Championship.

Ryan Tannehill comes from an injury-ridden career in Miami to Nashville, where he took over as the starting quarterback in Week 7 and absolutely dominated in his ten starts throughout the regular season and had one of the best seasons statistically of any quarterback in that same time.

The Titans have become one of the best teams in the AFC and maybe even the NFL, and that has been proven in its two playoff games. The Titans also have that Nick Foles that is leading the team and the offense to wins in Derrick Henry.

Henry is rushing for six yards per carry, and he’s racking up yards every game he makes an appearance in.

If the Titans didn’t have someone like Henry on the team, then I’d say maybe the Titans aren’t a team of destiny, but Henry is not only on the team, but he’s the best player on the team.

Henry rushed for 182 yards and a touchdown with 22 receiving yards to give him 204 all-purpose yards against the Patriots. Henry upped himself on the ground against the Ravens with 195 rushing yards and seven receiving yards for 202 all-purpose yards.

When there’s someone on your team that’s consistently getting 200 yards a game or even close to that, then it’s going to be hard for a defense to stop you.

The Titans outplayed the “great” Patriots defense and then did the same thing at a higher level to the “unstoppable” Ravens defense, and the Titans will outplay the Chiefs defense who isn’t nearly as good as the Ravens or Patriots defense.

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The Titans have faced adversity, overcome adversity, and beat two of the best teams in the NFL to advance to the AFC Championship with one more obstacle in the way. Can the Titans beat the Chiefs and move a step closer to being a team of destiny?

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