Tennessee Titans rookies had a great 2019 season

Tennessee Titans rookies received an “A-” grade for their performance in 2019, and that’s finally something I can agree with.

The Tennessee Titans had its best season since the millennium in 2019 but were unable to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship to go to the franchise’s second Super Bowl.

Although winning the Super Bowl is the only option for some teams to consider their season a “win” or “success,” that’s not the case for the Titans, and I think it’s fair to consider the Titans’ season a success with how the season started.

It wasn’t just one player that carried the Titans, either. Every week it seemed like someone new was willing to step up and carry some of the load on offense and defense.

One week Ryan Tannehill might have thrown for over 300 yards, and the next week, Derrick Henry might have run for 150 yards, and the next week, someone like AJ Brown might have 150 receiving yards.

That’s what made the Titans offense so much fun in the back half of the season, and now the rookies are receiving credit for the contributions they gave this past season.

NFL.com’s Gennaro Filice gave Titans rookies a grade of “A-” which was tied for the best in the AFC South with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Titans GM Jon Robinson just knocked it out of the park,” he wrote. “Viewed as one of the most talented players in this entire class at the outset of 2019, Simmons tore his ACL in February and consequently tumbled into the second half of the first round.”

“The Titans pounced, despite not knowing what kind of production — if any — they’d get out of the disruptive DT. Amazingly, Simmons took the field in Week 7 and recorded a sack in his NFL debut. His production varied the rest of the way, but he showed plenty of game-wrecking potential.”

Titans GM Jon Robinson knows how to find some of the best talents in the draft, and he did that again in 2019, and he’s been given the credit he deserves for that.

“Then in Round 2, Tennessee might’ve landed the best pure playmaker in the entire draft,” Filice continued. “An absolute terror after the catch, Brown especially flourished once Ryan Tannehill took over under center, finishing with a 1,000-yard rookie campaign on just 52 catches, averaging a whopping 20.2 yards per reception with eight catches of 40-plus yards.

This was no fluke. Fast, physical and a crisp route runner, Brown gives the Titans their first true WR1 since … Derrick Mason? Lastly, Davis had a rough start to the season after missing a big chunk of training camp due to injury, but he showed promise down the stretch.”

A fix here and a fix there, and the Titans are back in the AFC Championship again next year and maybe even in the Super Bowl.

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Robinson has another opportunity to pull out another great draft class in 2020. Another draft class like 2019 and the Titans might truly be one of the best, talented teams in the NFL in 2020.

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