Vols Football: Josh Dobbs Shows His True Character Again

Nearly every week there’s a new story about Tennessee Vols quarterback Josh Dobbs being a stand up guy.

Josh Dobbs is a rare breed.

There’s little doubt about that.

The Tennessee Vols‘ signal caller showed again this week that his true character is something remarkable.

Dobbs took the time this week to visit Gatlingburg, the tourist town 50 miles southeast of Knoxville that’s been ravaged by fires this week.

It may not seem like a big deal to just show up like Dobbs did, but trust me it’s a big deal.

Especially in East Tennessee.

Josh Dobbs is one of the most recognizable faces in the region. For a beloved player to show and lend his support during such a trying time, says an incredible amount about his character.

Not that Dobbs needs to prove his character anymore than he already has during his four years on Rocky Top.

Dobbs goes above and beyond on nearly a daily basis. Between football and his aeronautical engineering major, I’m not sure how he even has time to eat. But somehow Dobbs finds a way to give back to the community.

It’s a shame to see Dobbs moving on after this season, but I have no doubt that he’ll continue to be a fixture in the Knoxville/East Tennessee community whenever his precious time allows him to be.

Dobbs has one more game to play in Volunteer orange, before seeing if he’s drafted by an NFL team.