Tennessee Vols: What’s Going On With David Blackburn And AD Position?

The Tennessee Vols have a vacant athletic director position and the perfect candidate — so why hasn’t the hire been made?

Tennessee Vols fans are divided on a lot of issues.

Is Butch Jones the right man to lead the Vols’ football team?

Has Rick Barnes made Tennessee basketball better?

But one thing that all Vol fans agree on is the desire for Tennessee to hire David Blackburn as the school’s new athletic director.

It’s beyond obvious that Blackburn, the current atheltic director at UT-Chattanooga, is the perfect candidate. He has the experience, and he spent two decades at Tennessee.

You won’t find someone more qualified to be the Vols’ athletic director.

And he definitely wants the job.

Blackburn even said he’d love to just be part of the process “officially in terms of an interview”.

Tennessee’s new chancellor, Beverly Davenport, recently said the athletic director search is “moving quickly”.

Of course, no one knows what that actually means.

If Blackburn doesn’t even get an interview, then you might as well as give up on Tennessee athletics for at least the next ten years.

But I have a hard time believing that anyone is that incompetent.

There’s no way that Blackburn won’t be at least interviewed.

I understand the process is probably taking longer than Vol fans were hoping. And that’s likely due to the Davenport just recently taking over as the school’s new chancellor.

Blackburn’s choice of the word “officially” is interesting to me. Perhaps Tennessee has at least reached out to him through some back channels.

However, I still have no idea why Tennessee has chose to turn this whole athletic director search into a PR nightmare.

If the school had a different timeline in place all along, then it should’ve been made crystal clear.

But when you have a fan favorite/qualified candidate like Blackburn that hasn’t received an interview, combined with the almost hiring of former Vols football coach Phillip Fulmer, well it looks really, really botched.

The only way, at this point, that Tennessee can save face with this hire is if they do what they should’ve done since day one — bring David Blackburn home to Knoxville.

It’s the right decision. In fact, it’s really the only decision.