Vols Football: Tennessee Reveals New Third Down Song And It’s Awful


The Tennessee Vols revealed their new “third down anthem” on Friday afternoon.

I didn’t think the Tennessee Vols could do worse than “third down for what”, but somehow they managed to with their latest “third down anthem”.

Here’s what the Vols revealed on Friday afternoon.


This is not what prestigious football programs do. This is what football programs trying to get attention do. You’d expect this from Lane Kiffin at Florida Atlantic, or any other school not in a power 5 conference.

Tennessee is trying way too hard to create some sort of signature third down tradition. They’ve been trying to do it since Butch Jones arrived in Knoxville and it’s failed every. single. time.

Remember the “fist up defense”? Yeah, that didn’t go over so well. If you have to tell fans what to do, it’s just not going to work.

Traditions should happen organically. Force feeding the fan base with crap like the video above just proves you’re out of touch.

And honestly, what’s wrong with 102,455 fans being so loud on third down that the opposing offense can’t even hear what play is being called? I think that’s a much better “third down tradition” than whatever you want to call that dreadful video they released on Friday.

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Tennessee just needs to be Tennessee. I think they have the best traditions of any college football program. Rocky Top, the Vol walk, the Vol navy, running through the T. You don’t need to try to create anything else, it’s already there.

Enough with the gimmicks, just win games.