Tennessee Vols Coaching Search: Dave Doeren Is A Jerk

The Tennessee Vols are apparently interested in NC State head coach Dave Doeren.

You would think the Tennessee Vols learned from the Greg Schiano debacle to install a better vetting process.

But apparently they did not.

The Vols are reportedly targeting Dave Doeren to be their next head coach, and I can’t stress enough what a bad idea that is.

Doeren possesses a Butch Jones like mediocre conference record in the ACC (15-25) and he’s apparently a total jerk.

Check out what he said last year about Clemson running back Wayne Gallman, who suffered a concussion in the 2016 matchup between the Wolfpack and Tigers.

I don’t think it gets any more classless than that. Doeren is garbage for making that kind of comment and he doesn’t need to come anywhere near Knoxville.

Honestly, I’m in shock, even though I shouldn’t be, that Tennessee would even consider this guy. He’s not a good coach, he doesn’t have good character and his own school doesn’t even want to extend his contract after learning Tennessee was interested.

But then again, I don’t guess I should be surprised. This is John Currie and Tennessee administration we’re talking about. They’ve screwed this search up so much that the whole thing will be required viewing for any future prospective athletic directors. Literally just do the opposite of everything that Currie has done so far.

It feels like a hopeless situation for the Volunteers right now. I’m not sure there will be a positive outcome to this disaster of a coaching search.

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