Tennessee Football: Vols set to add Tee Martin to coaching staff


The Tennessee Volunteers football staff is set to add yet another great coach with the possible addition of former Vol Tee Martin.

After many years of Tennessee fans wanting former Vol Tee Martin on the coaching staff, it looks like the time has come. Martin led the Tennessee Volunteers to a National Championship title in 1998 at the quarterback position.

Chris Low of ESPN broke the news early Tuesday morning, reporting that Jeremy Pruitt will add Martin to the offensive coaching staff.

Details have yet to be released on his contract, but I’m sure we will find out within the next few days.

According to Trey Wallace of Fox Sports Knoxville, the possibility of bringing Martin to Rocky Top has been in play for a few weeks now. It’s all speculation on my end, but maybe new OC Jim Chaney suggested bringing the former Vol back to campus.

Right now, it is unsure where Martin will be placed on the staff, but just bringing him onto the staff will not only help on the field with coaching, but it will also help with recruiting as well.

What This Means

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, adding Martin to the staff will help in many ways.

First off, they are finally bringing ‘Tee” back home. He led the Volunteers to a National Championship in 1998, so he is fan favorite among Tennessee fans. Wallace in his tweet states that his decision was all about “family”.

Second, bringing Martin back to Knoxville will bring yet another experienced coach to the staff. Tennessee’s staff is loaded with coaching experience in all aspects, as they have well-known guys such as Chaney, Terry Fair, Kevin Sherrer, Tracy Rocker, and now Martin.

Martin brings along 10-plus years of coaching experience. He started coaching in 2006 and is most notable for being USC’s co-offensive coordinator from 2016 to 2018.

Lastly, Martin has been a great recruiter during his time as a coordinator. Adding on Martin to a staff that has recruited tremendously throughout their careers will only make Tennessee much more of a threat on the recruiting trail.

Martin has won the 247Sports Recruiter of the Year twice, so he brings that along to the staff as well. During his time at USC, Martin helped bring along now-NFL stars in Adoree Jackson and Juju Smith-Schuster, so he has a history of bringing in top-talent players.

Overall, this is a huge get for the Tennessee Volunteers football program in many ways. It will be interesting to see where Martin is placed on the coaching staff, but we will likely hear about that news soon.