Memphis Grizzlies: Would the Grizzlies actually pass on Ja Morant?

With Ja Morant’s recent knee surgery, some may question if he is still worth the second overall pick.

Ja Morant underwent minor knee surgery earlier this week which had some Grizzlies fans nervous. The surgery went well, and Morant should be back to 100% in about a month but this could still have the Grizzlies front office worried about Morant and his knee’s future.

The NBA Draft is right around the corner, so the last thing a top-pick needs is to have surgery on a major body part like his knee. Fortunately, it isn’t a big deal, but it could be big enough for the Grizzlies to pass on Morant and take R.J. Barrett instead.

It’s not like Barrett is an inferior player to Morant. I’d put them on the same level when it comes to on-court play. Of course, each of them has strengths and weaknesses the other doesn’t, but it all equals out. The only real difference is Barrett was coached by the greatest basketball coach of all-time and Morant wasn’t.

The Grizzlies seem to have been sold on Morant once they found out on lottery night that they would have the number two pick. We all know how these things go though. We’ve seen the Kevin Costner movie, and we know how crazy draft day can be for the players and teams.

Things have already been crazy in Bluff City with the Grizzlies making front office changes so Morant’s knee surgery is just something that could be piling on top of that. They could definitely freak out and over analyze the whole situation and take Barrett because that may be the safer pick right now.

If the Grizzlies do plan to move on from point guard, Mike Conley now would be the time, and Morant would be the perfect replacement. If they find it in the best interest of the franchise to keep Conley around as a veteran mentor to some of the younger guys Barrett would probably be the best choice.

Barrett was the number one ranked player coming out of high school last year, so he is definitely capable of becoming an all-NBA player. No matter who they take, they will most likely get a guy who could help turn around the franchise whether that’s with or without Conley.

I think Morant is the best choice for the spot the Grizzlies are in, but we all know how this goes. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Grizzlies, Titans, or the Vols they always seem to mess up a perfect situation. Don’t assume they will make the right choice and take Morant. These Tennessee teams like to keep things interesting.