Tennessee Football: Ryan Tannehill is a god

The Tennessee Titans take down the Kansas City Chiefs behind Ryan Tannehill, and the Titans will head into their BYE week with a win.

Ryan Tannehill took over the starting quarterback duties three weeks ago when the Los Angeles Chargers came to Nashville to take on the Titans.

The Titans were sitting at 2-4 after benching Marcus Mariota and trying to find the franchise’s path for the future. Tannehill took over as the Titans hoped he could just get them through the season.

Tannehill has brought a lot more than that in his four starts with the Titans. Back-to-back wins to start his Titans career over the Chargers and Buccaneers was proof of that.

He knew that he needed to prove himself if he wanted a future as a starting quarterback with the Titans or another NFL team. He’s succeeded so far, and thanks to his aggressive play on Sunday, the Titans were able to pull out a win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Throughout the second half, it looked like the Titans would be able to take care of the Chiefs and finish their day with a win. It didn’t come as easy as some may prefer as the Titans and Chiefs swapped leads four times throughout the second half.

A 68-yard touchdown run by Derrick Henry was huge in the third quarter, with that being the only points the Titans put on the board during that time. It kept the Titans in the game and allowed Tannehill to play his game and do what he needed to do to secure a comeback victory.

Henry finished the day with 23 rushes for 188 yards and two touchdowns. Henry has been almost non-existent in the Titans offense recently, and his performance on Sunday proves if you give him the ball, he can be a game-changer.

Tannehill was not afraid to put his body on the line, the last two scoring drives for the Titans. He’s had injury issues in the past, so a lot of quarterbacks would’ve shied away from playing so aggressive, but he didn’t.

In the two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter, Tannehill totaled 30 rushing yards and 67 passing yards. He topped off the final touchdown drive powering through a defender into the endzone to convert the two-point conversion.

Ryan Tannehill gave his all for Tennessee today and gained respect from many if he previously hadn’t. He definitely gained a lot of respect from me. I have been a fan of his since he was with the Dolphins, but I’ve had some mix feelings about him in his four games with the Titans.

This game will go a long way when he starts talking contract numbers with the Titans if they choose to keep him or wherever he goes after this seas.on.

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Tannehill put on one of the toughest quarterback performances I have seen in a while. Hit after hit he kept getting up and didn’t quit or shy away from danger. Now he and his teammates will get a much-deserved BYE week to rest and heal up.

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