Tennessee Titans: Drafting a first-round quarterback may be unlikely

Sports Illustrated and USA Today’s Draft Wire have released some 2020 NFL Draft predictions, and it may be unlikely that the Tennessee Titans draft a QB.

Every game the Tennessee Titans win is a loss for their draft stock. Every game the Titans lose is a loss for their future for a playoff berth and the sliver of hope that Ryan Tannehill could be the Titans’ next full-time quarterback.

It’s a lose-lose for the Titans from here on out because if we’re honest, the Titans won’t be winning the Super Bowl this year, so going 8-8 or 9-7 is only going to hurt their draft stock.

Sports Illustrated and USA Today’s Draft Wire has both placed the Titans at the 15th draft slot. That really makes it difficult for the Titans to draft a good quarterback with being outside the top ten.

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Justin Herbert at No. 8, there isn’t another quarterback taken in the first round. Behind the Bucs are teams like the Broncos, Chargers, Jaguars, and Raiders who could all be shopping for a quarterback in this year’s draft.

This leaves the Titans picking from the bottom of the barrel, assuming at least one or two of them draft a quarterback, unlike Sports Illustrated predicted. SI has the Titans taking Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown with the 15th pick.

That leaves the Titans looking for a quarterback in later rounds. That’s not always bad, but if most people had the choice, they would want a quarterback early.

I think this draft class is quarterback heavy, so if the Titans can find a quarterback that fits their current system and they don’t fire their coach or OC every year, then I think the Titans will be alright.

Who knows where the Titans will go. Draft night is very unpredictable and we don’t even know where the Titans official draft spot is yet, so don’t sweat too much over it.