Tennessee Titans: Need as many Maurkice Pounceys as possible

The Tennessee Titans were not involved in Thursday Night Football, but Maurkice Pouncey stood up for his QB in a way only a few would in 2019.

When I think about what kind of players I would like to see the Tennessee Titans have on their roster, I think athletic, big, physical, but after Thursday Night Football, I have settled on every Maurkice Pouncey ever.

Last night on TNF, Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett ripped off Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and proceeded to hit Rudolph in the head with his own helmet.

Frankly, this action is uncalled for, and I hope the NFL takes this situation seriously and explores suspension for the rest of the season and maybe a punishment more strict than that.

That wasn’t the end of what happened in that sequence. One of the Steelers players already had his hands on Garrett and then came Pouncey. He threw some haymakers at Garrett as I would guess he was furious with Garrett’s actions.

I don’t blame him either. What Garrett did was inexcusable, and Garrett should face harsh penalties for his action.

Of course, this is an extremely serious situation, but everyone will be talking about Myles Garrett, so I want to talk about Maurkice Pouncey.

Pouncey immediately took action, and for some reason, that’s when the officials decided to throw their flags. If they wouldn’t have allowed things to escalate as it did, then we wouldn’t have even gotten to that point, but they just stood by and did nothing.

Regardless, everything that shouldn’t have happened did happen, which leads me to my point. The Titans need to find as many Maurkice Pounceys as possible.

Not necessarily the one that’s throwing hands with just about anyone, but the one that stands up for his quarterback. The one that is willing to be fined or suspended for standing up for his quarterback.

I know the Titans have Taylor Lewan, and if that happened to a Titans quarterback, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lewan would do the same thing, but it’s hard to say anyone else on the roster would go that far for Marcus Mariota or Ryan Tannehill.

I’m not condemning any of the players, but teammates like Pouncey is what brings locker rooms together. I love what I saw out of Pouncey. Now, if he comes out swinging next week, we may have to have a different conversation about him, but for now, I love him.

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The Titans need more players like this that are willing to stand up for their teammates. Really everyone does, but we’ll settle with the Titans for now.

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