Tennessee Titans: QB questions might be answered through free agency

The Tennessee Titans will most likely be looking for a new starting quarterback after this season, and they could find one in free agency, not the draft.

There are some rumors surrounding the Tennessee Titans’ quarterback position as the future is unknown. The Titans are expected to draft their next franchise quarterback, but they could also sign someone in free agency.

A few names that have already been mentioned are Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, and Cam Newton. I would say all of those are still in the picture, but Brady is unlikely.

A bridge quarterback is likely who the Titans will be looking for to take over while they groom their future franchise quarterback, and now another rumor has hit the rumor mill.

Charger QB Philip Rivers has been rumored to wanting to move closer to home after this season. The 38-year-old quarterback is a native of North Alabama, so the Titans could be a potential landing spot for him as he prepares for retirement.

Before this year, I think if we all knew that the Titans would be moving on from Marcus Mariota, then we’d all be sold on Rivers coming to Nashville, but he hasn’t had a very good season himself.

Rivers has unfortunately not had an ideal season, though. It’s been one of the worst seasons of his career, and that could be a sign for what’s to come if he were to sign with the Titans.

If the Chargers decide it’s time to let go of Rivers, then the Titans could be his ideal landing spot. It would be a big step up for Rivers going from the Chargers to the Titans.

At 38, Rivers could also sign a short-term deal that offers him the chance to move close to home while preparing for the end of his career.

I’d love to see Rivers come to Tennessee, but it’s all up to the Chargers. A franchise tag is still on the table, and maybe Rivers isn’t ready to leave. There are still some questions surrounding his situation in L.A. and his play.

This could be the beginning of the rumor mill turning as Titans fans will predict all kinds of quarterbacks, leaving their current team to join the Titans.