Tennessee Basketball: The NCAA better take notice of this team

Tennessee basketball headed to Oh Canada for a neutral court matchup against the 20-ranked Washington Huskies and left with a huge win.

This Tennessee basketball team is pretty good. No one expected them to do anything this year after the Vols lost everything the program was worth to the NBA. I wonder when that storyline is going to end.

Last year’s team was really good. We know we lost a lot when Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield, Jordan Bone, and Kyle Alexander all went to the NBA. What people don’t know is that this year’s team is still really good, and the NCAA better take notice.

It started at the beginning of the season when Tennessee wasn’t ranked going into Week 1. I understand the Vols lost a lot of production, but you still have to give them some credit for the players they still have, especially if you’re going to rank Kentucky one overall.

The neutral court win on Saturday will definitely help the resume. The Vols’ 75-62 win over the Washington Huskies was a statement win against a good basketball team.

Jordan Bowden helped the Vols get out to a double-digit lead in the first half with 15 first-half points.

The Vols’ offense struggled against Murray State, but the offense didn’t miss a beat against Washington’s zone defense, which was a concern for some people.

The Vols jumped out to a quick lead and led 40-28 at halftime, and the Huskies were unable to catch up for the rest of the night.

Yves Pons also found himself on the highlight reel, which is promising for his potential this season. Last year, he had a good start to the season but fell off as the season progressed. This will be an important season for him as we will find out if he can complete a solid full season.

Pons got some air in a crazy block that blew up VolTwitter. He didn’t stop there with the early block; he finished shooting 7-13 from the field, going 1-2 from three and ending the night with 15 points.

Josiah-Jordan James also caught some fire in Saturday night’s game. The five-star point guard finished shooting 4-4 from the field with a dagger from three to finish the night with nine points, four rebounds, and five assists.

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This basketball team is very good, and the NCAA better take notice. Or they can continue to underrate us like they did it in the past it doesn’t matter to me. Don’t pick us.

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