Tennessee Titans: Season outlook after Week 11

The Tennessee Titans are coming off of its BYE week, and they were helped in their chase for the AFC South Division Championship.

Whether you want the Tennessee Titans to lose out for a good draft pick or win out and try to win the division, it looks like the Titans are going to be just average enough to disappoint everyone.

I’ve been wrong many times so that I could be wrong again, but the Titans seem to be the most average team in the AFC. They have an opportunity to win the division after Week 11, so it is up to them to determine their fate.

The Titans are currently 5-5 and only one game back from first place in the division. The Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans are tied for first at 6-4.

If the Titans want to win the division, they’ll have to prove it with three of their last five games of the season being against the Colts or Texans.

The Titans caught a hot streak before their BYE week, winning four out of their last five games. If the Titans can continue that, then they could find themselves in another winner take all Week 17 game, this time against the Texans.

The Jaguars and the Colts are the next two games for the Titans. If the Titans can get through those two games with two wins, then I think they’ll have a really good chance to win the division.

Both teams have struggled recently, so the Titans need to capitalize on their struggles and find a way to win the game.

After that, the Titans will face the Raiders and Texans. That could be a difficult two games. The Raiders have been up and down, so it’s hard to tell what team we’ll get there, and I expect the Titans to win one of the last two games against the Texans, so it’s either this one or the next one.

The final stretch, assuming the Titans have lost one or a maximum of two games will be against the Saints and Texans.

This final two-game stretch will decide the Titans’ season. A win over the Raiders can offer some wiggle room for the Titans here, and two wins here is going to be difficult.

The Saints game will be at home, so there’s a chance the Titans can catch the Saints sleeping for the noon kickoff.

If so, then the Titans could find themselves in the playoffs with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. I think it will mostly come down to how many games the Titans can win in their division.

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One loss in their division is the max in this final stretch of games. The Titans’ biggest tests will be in their first two games. If they can win those, then they can parlay their success into the rest of the season.

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