The SEC makes a terrible decision to suspend Jauan Jennings

KNOXVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 12: Jauan Jennings
KNOXVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 12: Jauan Jennings /

Greg Sankey and the SEC has made the mistake and decision to suspend Jauan Jennings for the first half of Tennessee’s bowl game.

Since Saturday, many Tennessee fans have stood up for VFL Jauan Jennings when it came to the “head stomp.”

Of course, in response, other fan bases have shared their own opinion and it was laughable. Jennings didn’t seem to step on the Vanderbilt player’s head intentionally, but other SEC fanbases seem to think it was a malicious act.

Greg Sankey and the SEC must have also come to a similar conclusion as Jennings has been suspended for the first half of Tennessee’s bowl game.

I think the SEC figured that they had to do something to prevent players from trying anything like this in the future but didn’t find Jennings to attempt to hurt the Vanderbilt player intentionally.

If the SEC and Sankey found that Jennings was trying to hurt the Vandy player, then Jennings would have been suspended for the whole game.

I understand that the SEC had to do something for good PR or whatever because they need a lot of it after all of the bad PR they’ve gotten thanks to their officials.

The SEC released its statement about the matter and detailed why Jennings will be suspended for the first half of the bowl game.

"“The suspension is consistent with NCAA Football Playing Rule 9-6-2 which states “If subsequent review of a game by a conference reveals plays involving flagrant personal fouls that game officials did not call, the conference may impose sanctions prior to the next scheduled game.”,” the SEC said in its statement."

Basically how I see this is that if there’s an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty not called or anything like that, then the SEC can suspend the player for a part of the next game or more.

A 15-yard penalty compared to a first-half suspension doesn’t seem quite fair, but ok SEC if that’s your excuse then embrace it.

A fine to the school would have been sufficient, though. Athletic Director Phillip Fulmer released his own statement on the matter and expressed he has spoken with Sankey about the matter.

"“Commissioner (Greg) Sankey shared his perspective on the actions in question, we had a long conversation about the matter, and we will honor the suspension,” Fulmer said in a statement released by the University of Tennessee. “Jauan has been nothing but outstanding for our team and program this entire season.”"

Ir was kind of expected that Jennings would receive some kind of punishment from the NCAA or the SEC for the bowl game. I guess we can say at least it’s his last game at Tennessee, or else the SEC might’ve handed down a harsher punishment.

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Ir’s unfortunate that the SEC took this route, but it’s done so there’s nothing we can do about it. I think it’s a bad call from the SEC, but that’s on par for everything that has happened this season.