What can we make of the Predators blowout win?

The Nashville Predators thumped the New York Islanders 8-3 on the road in a big offensive performance. Is this the game that kicks them out of their rut?

It is tough to see our Nashville Predators, who were consistently among the top of the Western Conference, sink as low as, well, near the bottom. That’s about where they’ve consistently been since their good start to the 2019-2020 season.

Much like last season, they got off to a scorching start to the season, then crashed. No one knows what the issue is, and people are starting to direct their blame to head coach Peter Laviolette.

I am a little concerned about Laviolette, too. His reign with Nashville seems to be taking the same route that his other head coaching gig took in Carolina. Early on in his time as coach with the Hurricanes, he took them to the Stanley Cup Final and won the first title in franchise history. Then the team plummeted, and he got fired.

Now here he is with Nashville. He led Nashville to the Stanley Cup Final in 2017 and lost. However, the Predators were riding high for a couple of seasons afterward.

This season feels a bit different, however. At least in previous seasons’ ruts, Nashville was still the top dog in their division and, a lot of time, the West. Now, it seems as though they’ve been different. It feels complacency has set in.

That is until this past Tuesday. They went up to New York against the tough Islanders who boasts the number two defense in the NHL. After going down 3-1, the Predators filled up the net for seven consecutive goals and defeated the Islanders 8-3.

HUGE win, and huge offensive performance. But what does it mean? Are the Predators back? The Predators have 13 goals in their last two games, which shows signs of the October Predators we enjoyed.

Two games in a row of an explosive offense, even without Viktor Arvidsson, is enough to convince me that they are officially out of their torturous rut. I don’t expect them to go on some insane win streak averaging eight goals a game, but I expect them to slowly climb their way back to NHL supremacy.

The Predators’ roster is too stacked for them to mellow at the bottom of the west. It’s too talented to continue this rut. We will see them end 2019 hot, and walk into the Winter Classic game rejuvenated. Mark my words. Let’s go, Preds!