Derrick Henry continues Tennessee Titans’ offensive momentum

Derrick Henry had a record game on Saturday to keep the Tennessee Titans’ season alive and can continue that throughout the playoffs.

When you think of the best player on the Tennessee Titans offense, who do you think of? Taylor Lewan? Maybe. Ryan Tannehill? Fair argument. A.J. Brown? A future star, for sure. But the best player on the Titans offense is easily Derrick Henry.

I was told that Henry wasn’t a good fit for the Titans’ system early in the season by a Titans fan, and I was shocked by their comment then, and I am even more shocked by it now.

I’m sure if we were to revisit that conversation, they would forget that conversation ever happened or have a completely opposite opinion on the Titans running back.

Henry has by far been the best and most consistent player on the Titans offense all year and has occasionally even put up 150+ rushing yard games, including the Titans’ playoff game against the Patriots this past Saturday.

He finished the night with 204 yards from scrimmage and carried the offense on his back through most of the game. All that on his birthday no less.

Henry also clinched the rushing title in the Titans’ win over the Houston Texans, so to say he doesn’t fit the system or he’s not a good player is the fakest of fake news!

The Patriots defense, maybe for the first time this season, didn’t have an answer for an opposing player. Think about that. The top-ranked defense in the league did not have an answer for Derrick Henry.

When it comes to resigning players, the Titans have to retain Henry when his contract expires. You may have to lose someone valuable, but what Henry has offered the Titans it is worth keeping him.

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Henry will have another test next week when the Titans travel back north to take on the Baltimore Ravens in what could be an offensive shootout.

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