Ryan Tannehill vs Lamar Jackson, Who will perform better in playoffs?

The Tennessee Titans will face the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round of the playoffs this Saturday and against the hottest QB in the NFL.

If you asked NFL fans, who is the hottest quarterback in the NFL? I’d say 99% of people would say Lamar Jackson and that’s fair.

I don’t disagree with them either. He’s probably going to be the MVP, and many expect him to lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, there’s also Ryan Tannehill, who is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league, not named Lamar Jackson.

So who would you take in this Saturday matchup for an opportunity to play in the AFC Championship? Well, there’s a lot to look at, including rest vs. rust for Jackson.

The Ravens finished the season with 12-straight wins, which is slightly better than the Titans’ 7-3 record since Tannehill took over as the starting quarterback.

Both quarterbacks have had great seasons, but it all comes down to one game. So who will have the better performance?

Well, if you want to look at recent playoff history, Jackson is 0-1 in the playoffs, and Tannehill is 1-0.

Last year, Jackson was unable to top the Chargers in his playoff debut. He threw 14-for-29, 194 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

In Tannehill’s Titans playoff debut, he threw eight-for-15, 72 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

The Titans opted to not throw the ball almost at all in the Wild Card game against the Patriots, and that will likely be the gameplan again this week.

With that being said, I think that if Tannehill gets the chance to air out the ball, then he could have the better game and put the Titans in a good spot if there’s a shootout.

If not, then obviously Jackson will have the better game, and in my opinion, that’s the most likely scenario.

I’ve been sold on Tannehill since before he started taking over as the Titans’ quarterback, but I don’t know if he’s good enough to outplay Jackson in a shootout.

I hope that Arthur Smith opens the offense for Tannehill because that might be the only way the Titans can beat the Ravens.

If that happens, then Tannehill could very well see himself playing in the AFC Championship game. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s where I am at on Tannehill and Jackson.

Jackson will have a week off thanks to the bye, and that brings up the rest vs. rust argument. With a young quarterback, rust is more likely, but Lamar is a different type of quarterback.

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There’s a lot that is going into play for this game, and it can all either go in Jackson’s favor or in Tannehill’s favor. I guess we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out on Saturday night.

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