Tennessee Titans: Mike Vrabel has proven me wrong

The Tennessee Titans are going to the AFC Championship, and after I scolded Mike Vrabel early in the season, he has proven me wrong.

When the Tennessee Titans hired Mike Vrabel, I was a bit disappointed in the hire. Early this season, the Titans were sitting at 2-4, and I was ready for the entire coaching staff to be fired.

It looked like all of the coaches were incompetent and didn’t know how to manage talent. I even wrote about it two months ago. You can look back at what used to be here.

I’m here to eat my crow today as I was proven completely wrong on Vrabel and the coaching staff, but I still stand by my Marcus Mariota comments.

All the Titans needed were a change at quarterback, and before I wrote that article, I had advocated for Ryan Tannehill to take over as the starting quarterback. I did not have faith in the coaching staff to make the right call, and if they did, I didn’t think they could develop Tannehill.

I wasn’t the only one, either. A lot of Titans fans were upset too, and there were even some players frustrated.

Delanie Walker even showed his frustration in a tweet where he commented under one of the Titans’ tweets.

After everything that has happened, I come to you today to say I was thankfully proven dead wrong, and it looks like Meathead Mario can, for the most part, coach a football team successfully in the NFL.

It looks like now that the offense wasn’t necessarily all of the coaching staff’s fault, but a lot of the blame is on Marcus Mariota.

Now in a wild turn of events over the past two months, the Titans are preparing to the AFC Championship after upsetting the greatest quarterback of all-time and this year’s MVP.

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The Titans will play the winner of the Texans-Chiefs AFC Divisional Round game, and no matter who the Titans face, I think they could beat them. All I ask is that Vrabel keeps proving me wrong.

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