Tennessee Basketball gets curb stomped by Georgia

Uros Plavsic made his Tennessee basketball debut but fails to help struggling Tennessee offense on the road against Georgia.

It looked like Tennessee basketball started turning things around after back-to-back wins against Missouri and South Carolina, but a blowout loss to Georgia sets everything back.

The Vols lost to Georgia in Uros Plavsic’s debut, and it wasn’t pretty at all. The 80-63 loss is not a good look for the future with Plavsic in the lineup as the Vols return to its struggling ways on offense.

Plavsic finished the night shooting two-for-six with five points and three rebounds. Maybe it’s the rust, but adding another player to the rotation only hurt Tennessee’s offense.

It wasn’t only Plavsic. It looked like from tipoff that Tennessee didn’t stand a chance in this game. The Georgia offense was led by Anthony Edwards and every time I looked up it seemed like he was shooting the ball and scoring points.

The Tennessee defense struggled to contain Georgia and Edwards. He finished the night with 26 points and led the Bulldogs.

Both Tennessee and Georgia came into this game with a 10-5 record, so it’s not like Georgia is a lot better than Tennessee.

If the Vols can’t compete with above-average SEC teams, they are going to continue to get embarrassed in front of national audiences.

Pretty much anyone that was a consistent scorer for Tennessee over the past two games did not show up on Wednesday night. Actually, I don’t think anyone did.

Rick Barnes is going to have to figure out unique ways to put points on the board. If he’s going to be one of the highest-paid coaches in college basketball, he’s going to have to coach like it. I know this team isn’t great, but they shouldn’t lose to Georgia by 17.

The Vols will have an interesting in-state matchup next at Vanderbilt that will again test the Tennessee offense.

After that, the schedule doesn’t get easier with the next two games being against Ole Miss and at Kansas.

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It will be an interesting week and a half for the Vols as Plavsic tries to find his role, and seemingly everyone else tries to cement their spot in the offense.

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