Memphis Grizzlies and NBA family come together to mourn Kobe Bryant

NBA legend Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash along with his oldest daughter in a tragic announcement made on Saturday.

Of course, Kobe Bryant did not play for the Memphis Grizzlies, he spent all 20 seasons in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he played the Grizzlies many times.

As someone who used to hate Kobe, I came around in his final few seasons as I grew to like him. Unfortunately, a day after LeBron James passes Kobe on the all-time scorer list; he passes away in a helicopter crash.

This took the NBA family by shock as many knew, played, and coached with or against Kobe and millions more loved and hated him.

One of the greatest players in NBA history, arguably the greatest, passes away at only 41-years-old and the Grizzlies and NBA family came together to mourn the passing of a legend way too soon.

Along with the initial tweet to recognize Kobe, the Grizzlies, among others, took a 24-second shot clock violation to start the game in honor of the greatest player to wear #24.

The Grizzlies went on to get the win over the Suns in a gritty game that Kobe would’ve enjoyed. Ja Morant led the team with 23 points, five rebounds, and eight assists.

It’s a sad day when someone like Kobe is lost at only 41-years-old. I couldn’t tell you why it happened, but everything happens for a reason. It may come with heartbreak and pain, but it all happens for a reason.

The NBA family took a big hit on Sunday. Many gathered at Staples Center in remembrance, and thousands of others took to Twitter, too. Kobe is a legend of the game and will never be forgotten for everything he has done on and off the basketball court.