Tennessee Titans free agency focus leaning towards the offense

The Tennessee Titans are moving quickly in free agency as the NFL season has come to an end, and the focus is on the offense.

Believe it or not, NFL free agency is already underway, and the Tennessee Titans are quickly making moves without hesitation.

While one team is celebrating a Super Bowl and many others are still bummed their season didn’t reach the pinnacle, the Titans are waiting on no one to begin to improve their offense.

With Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry almost guaranteed to return to Nashville, a piece here and there on the offense might be all the Titans need to go from the AFC Championship to the Super Bowl.

Titans GM Jon Robinson sees that and has signed tight end Cole Herdman. The six-foot four-inch, 238-pound tight end was an undrafted free agent coming out of last year’s draft and signed with the Baltimore Ravens.

Herdman played on the practice squad for the Ravens and the Detroit Lions this past season, so if you haven’t heard of him, then you’re excused.

He is also a big guy, so the Titans could see if they can get something out of him at tight end with the position kind of unknown with its future.

He’s big enough to be a run blocker or contribute in the trenches. It could come down to how well of a receiver he is and how athletic he is.

If Herdman can take a step forward in the athleticism department, then there’s a possibility he could earn a roster spot. He’s only one year out of college, too, so if the Titans want to invest a couple of years into him, then that also may be worth it.

Who knows what is in the Titans’ minds. This might be because the Titans are looking to move on from Delanie Walker, or maybe they’re looking for his long-term replacement.

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Whatever the Titans’ plans are, they are quickly off to an interesting start to free agency, and the offensive tone may have already been set almost immediately after the Super Bowl ends.

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