Tennessee Titans: Ryan Tannehill isn’t going anywhere

It looks like the Tennessee Titans will focus its forces on resigning Ryan Tannehill for the 2020 season and beyond, which is no surprise.

Ryan Tannehill finished the regular season leading the NFL in passer rating and leading the Tennessee Titans to a Wild Card berth.

After a terrible start to the season, Tannehill took over as the starting quarterback replacing Marcus Mariota and served as the Titans only hope for a successful season.

Tannehill delivered leading the Titans not only to the playoffs but to the AFC Championship before the Titans lost to the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

So now, with free agency ahead, the Titans have to make a decision. Do they keep Tannehill for 2020, or do they try to sign a sustainable replacement in free agency and hope to draft their future in the NFL Draft?

I think 99% of Titans fans, including myself, are all for bringing back Tannehill, but if Tom Brady shows real interest in Tennessee, I would think the Titans seriously consider it, even though some fans might not like it.

But it looks like the Titans might not wait on Brady, and they are ready to sign Tannehill to a new contract. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, “Ryan Tannehill is not leaving the Titans.”

That’s no surprise, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Titans who were so close to its first Super Bowl appearance in two decades.

It looks like the Titans know what they had in 2019, and that can be built into something special if not in 2020 in the years to come, and breaking that up could flip the franchise on its head.

I have been a little suspicious as to how Tannehill might perform in 2020. Will he be able to continue his success from 2019, or was it a fluke season?

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Well, he’s earned the right to prove us right or wrong either way. I hope he and Derrick Henry return to Nashville in 2020, and they can create some of the magic we saw in 2019.

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