Tennessee Titans: What Ryan Tannehill switching agents means

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill has switched agents ahead of his most important offseason he will experience as an NFL player.

Ryan Tannehill spent his first fall in Nashville and his first season with the Tennessee Titans. He quickly turned the Titans’ offense around and quickly earned the nickname “Tannethrill.”

Tannehill and the Titans were a perfect match on the football field, and it was such a good match that the Titans made their way all the way to the AFC Championship.

Now, as the Titans look to keep everything intact and make another deep postseason run, the Titans will have to resign Tannehill and Derrick Henry.

Tannehill might be difficult enough as it is for the big price tag he will likely ask for, but Henry on top of that could make the Titans’ budget very tight. And no matter what, the Titans need to bring Henry back for 2020, so letting Henry walk isn’t an answer.

With that being said, things might’ve just gotten a bit more difficult for the Titans as Tannehill has gotten a new agent. From Pat Dye Jr. to CAA’s Brian Ayrault and Todd France, Tannehill has upgraded agents, and that could mean a bigger payday for Tannehill.

With this change, it looks like a franchise tag won’t be good enough, and it looks like Tannehill might be looking for something more than a two or even three-year deal. A long term contract could very well be on the table for Tannehill and nothing less.

CAA also represents Derrick Henry and Titans GM Jon Robinson, so things will definitely be interesting from now until the two contracts are hopefully signed.

Robinson, who will be negotiating these contracts on behalf of the Titans, will be working with negotiators he’s worked with himself that have been on his side in the past.

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I think this could make things very interesting as negotiations start ramping up. Tannehill is coming off the best season of his career, so I’m sure CAA will pressure Robinson into getting a big contract for the Titans’ current future at the quarterback position.

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