I don’t know what the Nashville Predators were doing at Trade Deadline

The Nashville Predators didn’t sell like some fans had hoped, nor did they buy, but they did make one trade. One very, very bad trade.

The 2019-20 season has been a difficult one for the Nashville Predators. They’re right on the edge of making the playoffs, and a win streak could get them in, but a losing streak could drop them out.

That left some fans unsure of what the Predators would do at the trade deadline, but most fans were hoping the Preds would do at least something. Whether it’s buying or selling, something had to happen, right?

Well, Predators general manager David Poile thought those weren’t the only two options as he chose to have a quiet trade deadline.

The Preds did make one trade, though. Anaheim Ducks defenseman Korbinian Holzer will be joining Nashville, and in return, Matt Irwin and a sixth-round 2022 draft pick is heading to Anaheim.

Irwin hasn’t been great this year, but neither has Holzer. In fact, the Preds downgraded defensemen with this trade. Holzer is undoubtedly a worse defenseman on every level compared to Irwin.

The fact that the Predators gave away Irwin and any draft pick to get one of Anaheim’s worst players is absurd, and if I didn’t have a favorable opinion on Poile heading into the trade deadline, I’d say this could be a firable offense.

Holzer is horrible on offense and not much better on defense. Trading away Irwin and a draft pick is understandable if you can get a player that could be an upgrade. This trade was in no way an upgrade.

I hope this works out for Poile’s sake, but I don’t see this trade being any more productive for the Predators than just releasing Irwin and calling someone up from Milwaukee for a permanent spot on the roster.