Another day, another bad loss for Tennessee Basketball

Tennessee basketball’s season continues to go downhill as the Vols were handed another embarrassing loss to Arkansas 86-69.

Tennessee basketball’s tournament chances are done, but unfortunately, their season is not. Three games remain on Tennessee’s schedule after an embarrassing 86-69 loss to Arkansas on Wednesday night.

The Razorbacks opened the game with a 14-1 lead over the Vols and dominated the first ten minutes of the game, pushing their lead to 24-9 by the ten-minute mark.

Tennessee followed that up with an eight-point run to bring the deficit to a manageable 24-17 Arkansas lead, but that was about as close as the Vols were going to get to the Razorbacks in the first half. Arkansas went into halftime leading 40-27.

The Vols weren’t going down without a fight, though. They opened the second half red hot and closed the gap to only a two-point Arkansas lead at the 14-minute mark.

Here’s Tennessee’s chance to take the lead and build a big lead of their own in a game that looked like Tennessee was going to get routed.

Instead, the Vols went dark, Arkansas scored ten unanswered points, and Arkansas matched everything Tennessee tried to do, making it impossible for the Vols to come back again.

It wasn’t a bad night for Jordan Bowden as he shot 4-for-10 from three and finished the night with 19 points. The rest of the Tennessee offense, though couldn’t hit anything from three and shot a combined 0-for-7 from three.

The Vols now sit at 15-13 and 7-8 in conference play after having a pretty good first half of the season. 2020 has not been good to the BasketVols, and this loss to Arkansas proves it.

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Now, after another embarrassing loss, Rick Barnes and the Vols should be hoping they can just make it to the finish line. With three games remaining (Florida, at Kentucky, at Auburn), the Vols will hope to finish the season on a high note and not finish the season with a losing record.

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