Tennessee Football season still on for now

In a recent press conference, Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer says he still plans on playing the Tennessee football season this fall.

Tennessee football, along with the college football season, is one thing many fans throughout the country are hoping don’t get canceled or delayed.

As of now, there’s a lot of uncertainty with the future of sports in 2020. Baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, and even Nascar are all canceled until further notice. Some leagues say they plan on participating in every contest, and others will have an abbreviated season.

There’s even a possibility that we have every sport except for football going on in the middle of summer. That might make up for the lack of sports now, but that conversation can happen when the time comes.

As for the football season, Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer said in a Tuesday press conference that although spring practice has been postponed, no one from the school or SEC is considering canceling or postponing the season, and they’re “planning on” having the season.

That could all change if we’re sitting here in the middle of the summer still with no sports, but I am hoping and praying that we are not put in that situation.

“Thus far, our season tickets are still selling and everybody’s planning on the fall, and that’s the way we’ll go until and if that changes,” Fulmer said.

“It’s not much right now, because the length of this seems like it’s going to be whatever it is — eight to 10 weeks — and hopefully that’s the case,” Fulmer said. “But, certainly, we’ll continue to start peeking out there and see what that means as we go.

Words of confidence and ease coming from Fulmer is a good thing to hear, but that doesn’t downplay the situation. It’s still a serious situation we’re in, and until we get a green light, we might be stuck searching for new things on Netflix for the weeks to come.

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As of right now, I’m going to hope Fulmer is right, and the college football season will begin as expected, and we’re all going to be singing Rocky Top as loud as we can with 100,000 of our closest friends.

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