What Jadeveon Clowney wants from the Tennessee Titans

Jadeveon Clowney is reportedly down to three teams, including the Tennessee Titans, so what does he want from his final teams?

The Tennessee Titans have been quite busy since the beginning of free agency from signing, trading and releasing different players, the Titans have been one of the busiest teams in free agency this year.

After recently trading Jurrell Casey, the Titans made room for a player like Jadeveon Clowney to come to Nashville for the 2020 season and the future.

The free-agent pass rusher is looking for a new team, and he’s down to three final teams. Reportedly, Clowney is down to his current team, the Seahawks, Jets, and the Titans.

Obviously, if I were choosing between those three teams, the Titans would be the clear choice as I believe they have the brightest future, but the Seahawks have a clear advantage due to Clowney being with Seattle this past year.

The Titans also have plenty of wiggle room in its cap room to sign Clowney. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that Clowney will look for around $21 million when the negotiations come down to money.

That’s a price tag I expect coming from Clowney, although it might be a bit high due to his injury history and the Titans being unable to bring him in for a physical due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

More rumors are saying that a short-term deal could be all Clowney is able to get because of the high price tag and injury history. A contract that size for Clowney might be difficult to get, especially for the Titans or Jets because that’s a new team and a new risk.

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The Titans cleared enough cap space to sign Clowney, so it’s all a matter of interest on both sides. Is it there? Well, I guess we will find out in the coming days if Clowney decides to return to the AFC South and sign with the Titans.

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