The Tennessee Titans are being overlooked again

MGM has released its early over/under totals, and once again, the Tennessee Titans are being overlooked, but I’m fine with that.

Last year, the Tennessee Titans went on an amazing run to the AFC Championship before losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ideally, that would mean that the Titans are set up for another amazing season, and we should probably see them approve in the regular season since last year’s regular-season was a bit rocky and consisted of a change at quarterback.

Well, according to BetMGM, that might not be the case for Tennessee. The Titans’ early over/under for the 2020 season is 8.5. That means that the Titans are expected to win about eight games this fall, according to MGM.

One might think that the Titans’ over/under would be higher after how they finished last season, but that’s currently not the case, and I’m fine with that. All you have to do if you bet on sports is bet the Titans over.

The Titans have gone 9-7 for four straight seasons, so that’s a fair spot for the Titans when you look at it over that period of time. But in all four of those seasons, Marcus Mariota started the season as the quarterback, and that’s not the case this year.

Ryan Tannehill single-handily saved the Titans’ season last year with his performance in the second half of the season. If Tannehill can repeat some of that magic in 2020, then the Titans will easily get over that nine-win mark they’ve struggled to get over in recent years.

The Titans are also on top of the AFC South with its over/under totals, which means it looks like the AFC South will be down this year. The Indianapolis Colts are tied with the Titans at 8.5, and Houston Texans (7.5) and the Jacksonville Jaguars (5) are both lower.

The Titans could have a difficult start to the season with the changes that are happening on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. There will be quite a few new faces in two-tone blue this fall, which could take a few games to get the team working well together.

I don’t think that the Titans will struggle too much when it comes to repeating what they had last year again in 2020, so I think the Titans will come out and open the season hot and close the season hot.

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The Titans are once again being overlooked by people outside of Tennessee, but I don’t have any problems with that because it’s more fun to win when no one expects you to.

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