The Tennessee Titans’ quarterback situation is pretty good

The Tennessee Titans have a pretty good quarterback situation going into the 2020 season, but USA Today’s Touchdown Wire disagrees.

Last year, many Tennessee Titans fans expected quarterback Marcus Mariota to step up and have a career year. Instead, the exact opposite happened, which led to the Titans finding its next quarterback of the future.

Ryan Tannehill took over the quarterback position in Week 7 and wouldn’t give it back. The Titans went on an amazing run, and Tannehill performed like he was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Statistically, he was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. After that, he helped carry the Titans to the AFC Championship with the help of Pro Bowl running back Derrick Henry.

With that being said, the Titans had to re-sign Tannehill to a long-term extension after his performance in 2019, and they did.

Tannehill signed a four-year, $118 million contract, and now he has to prove he was worth the money that the Titans gave him and repeat his performance during the 2019 season this fall.

Since Tannehill had such an amazing 2019 season, many Titans fans think that the Titans’ quarterback situation is pretty good. That doesn’t mean the national media thinks that, though, as they usually don’t give the Titans the benefit of the doubt.

Barry Werner of Touchdown Wire shared his opinions on the Titans quarterback situation, and it’s not a glowing review. Werner ranked the Titans quarterback situation the 16th-best in the league or 14th-worst whichever way you want to see it. Regardless, that’s not exactly good.

“The commitment to Ryan Tannehill with the four-year, $118 million contract means the former No. 1 pick of the Dolphins feasted after his 2019 salary drive,” Werner said. “Will he be the man to take Tennessee to the Super Bowl or was that a one-and-done run? Tannehill is 49-49 as a starter in his career. He has to be much better for this bet to pay off.”

The Titans were placed in the middle of the Los Angeles Rams (No. 17) and the Carolina Panthers (No. 15).

Currently, the Titans have Logan Woodside as the backup quarterback. I’m sure that isn’t the ideal backup, but he hasn’t been terrible in his limited preseason appearances.

I also don’t think that means that the Titans will settle for Woodside as their backup for the 2020 season. If they don’t draft someone in the draft, I expect the Titans to sign someone in free agency.

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I don’t think that the Titans have a great quarterback situation, but they definitely don’t have a quarterback situation that ranks in the bottom half of the league.