How the Tennessee Titans can fix its backup QB situation

The Tennessee Titans ranked 31st in league with its backup QB situation, and there’s an easy fix for the Titans to move up in that ranking.

USA Today ranked all 32 NFL teams on their backup QB situation, a situation that gave the Tennessee Titans new life last season. Hopefully, the Titans won’t have to depend on a backup QB in 2020 because they might be in trouble if they do.

The Titans were not given a great ranking after the Titans drafted Cole McDonald out of Hawaii in the 2020 NFL Draft. No NFL experience from McDonald or current backup Logan Woodside which really hurts the Titans if they need to lean on him in any way.

The Titans were in front of only one team in the rankings and sat at No. 31. The Seattle Seahawks are the only team that has a worse backup quarterback situation than the Titans.

“Logan Woodside and rookie Cole McDonald offer little in the way of significant upside or NFL experience behind Ryan Tannehill,” Nate Davis wrote.

I don’t think anyone would think that’s a good spot to be in. You also might think that it shouldn’t matter as long as the Titans don’t need to use its backup quarterback. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t care if the Titans were dead last in backup quarterback rankings, but that’s not the case.

Ryan Tannehill has had injury issues when he played in Miami. There was no sign that his previous injuries could be bothering him last year during the Titans’ playoff run.

If that becomes an issue this fall, then the Titans will need someone ready to carry the Titans for a couple of games if Tannehill needs to take a game off to protect his long-term health.

I don’t know if Woodside or McDonald will be able to do that with the lack of experience that they both have in the regular season.

One player that could take the Titans to the top-third in the league when it comes to backup quarterback situation if they were to sign Cam Newton to a one-year deal.

Newton would be a great addition for the Titans to give Woodside and McDonald another year to develop. I think McDonald could be a solid backup, but he needs a couple of years in the league to get to that point.

There are a few other options if the Titans don’t want to sign Newton. Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco are also available. I don’t think that the Titans should rule out any of these three guys and try to get all three of them and sign whichever one you can get the best deal for his talent level.