The Tennessee Titans are biggest threat to Kansas City Chiefs in AFC

The Tennessee Titans are coming off a run to the AFC Championship, but can they de-throne the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020?

The Tennessee Titans are bringing back most of its core from the 2019 season where the Titans went on to the AFC Championship. With most of the core returning, can the Titans de-throne the AFC Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, in 2020 and beyond?

That’s not a serious question that a lot of people are considering, but Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson believes that the Chiefs’ biggest threat comes out of Nashville.

Tomlinson joined Willie McGinest and Michael Robinson to discuss who they think the Chiefs’ biggest threat is in the AFC. McGinest took the Ravens and Robinson disgustingly took the Indianapolis Colts.

I could see the Ravens as a possibility, but people have been talking about Tom Brady passing the torch to Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, but Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback that beat Brady in the playoffs and ended his career in New England.

“Let’s remember, guys, this team is coming off an AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs where they felt like they had the game won,” Tomlinson said. “And then, also, they beat them during the season.”

Tomlinson was interrupted by Robinson when he thought he needed to remind Tomlinson that Tannehill is still the Titans quarterback, but that didn’t affect Tomlinson at all in his answer.

“You know why I like them? It’s all about the identity and make-up of this football team,” Tomlinson continued. “They returned pretty much everybody but Jack Conklin… but they drafted Isaiah Wilson, the tackle from Georgia. So, this team is virtually the same. And Willie, I love what your former teammate Mike Vrabel has done with this team. It really reminds me of your old teams; physical, disciplined. And at the end of the day, they’re going to play their brand of football. I think that matches up well with the Kansas City Chiefs.”

This will be an important season for Tannehill and company to prove that they have what it takes to be elite long-term in the NFL. That’s something that Tannehill has been unable to do in his career so far.

If Tannehill, Henry, and the Titans offense come back ready to build off of their great second half of 2019 this fall, then we could see the Titans be a legitimate threat to the Chiefs in 2020.

If the Titans are able to get the run game going in the AFC Championship, then they probably win that game and go on to the Super Bowl.

The defense got a little bit better with the additions that the Titans made in the draft and free agency, and if the Titans sign Jadeveon Clowney, then the Titans can take their game to the next level.

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