Three Random Predictions for the Tennessee Titans

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The Tennessee Titans are looking to run it back in 2020. Here are three random predictions for the 2020 season that could help them.

The 2020 season for the Tennessee Titans is approaching us, and there is some uncertainty. There is uncertainty because of COVID-19 and uncertainty because, well, we don’t know if Tannehill will continue his magic.

Every season has its unexpected events, from injuries to random breakout teams. The Titans are no stranger to unexpected events. In 2019, they had to bench their quarterback after a rough start and a 20-0 shutout loss in Denver.

That was followed by a resurgence in the offense and basically a brand new Titans team that made a run to the AFC Championship game. No one would have expected that in October of 2019. It’s proof that one move like benching your quarterback can mean the world of difference for a season.

We can expect some moments to happen in 2020 that can change the course of our season. On the good side, we could have some breakout players help lift our team to the Super Bowl this time around. On the bad side, we could fall victim to regression on offense.

Let’s not jinx that, though. Let’s think positive here, that’s what I intend to do with my three random predictions for 2020.

At least somewhat positive, I suppose. These moments aren’t too one-sided as they could be helpful for the Tennessee Titans, depending on how everything else shakes out.

So I hope you enjoy these random predictions. Take a look at them on each slide, and then give me your thoughts afterward. Maybe some will come true, and I will become a genius?

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