The Nashville Predators are the best team in hockey

Even though COVID-19 hasn’t allowed the Nashville Predators and the NHL to play physically for the past few months, I’m still convinced the Preds are the best team in hockey.

The Nashville Predators haven’t hit the ice in Bridgestone Arena in what feels like forever, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been productive in the world of hockey. NHL 20 simulations have taken over the hockey world, and the Preds have dominated the simulations.

Coach Duggs and Tennessee Football have taken over the sports world, especially in Tennessee, in recent weeks. As sports were no longer being played, Barstool Sports’ Big Cat took matters into his own hands and brought back NCAA Football 14 to dominate the sports world.

This has overshadowed the NHL 20 simulations, but while Big Cat brought the Vols a National Championship, the Predators won a couple of championships for themselves. Since the simulations began, the Predators have raised five more banners to the rafters in Bridgestone Arena.

The Predators raised banners with the titles: 2019-20 Quarantine Stanley Cup Champions, 2019-20 First Stanley Cup Awarded in 2020, 2019-20 Virtually Raised Another Banner, 2019-20 Found Something To Do For Three Months, and the 2019-20 Most Virtual Sellouts In NHL 20 History.

I mean, if we’re going to celebrate Tennessee’s National Championship, then we have to celebrate the Predators’ new banners, right?

Of course, this is all in good fun while people are stuck in their homes, and to give them something to keep up with, even if it is a video game.

It’s looking like the Predators will have the opportunity to defend their virtual championships with a real one when the NHL comes back to the ice for a 24-team playoff.

That’s when things will get interesting, and until they lose, you can’t convince me that there is a team better in the NHL than the Nashville Predators.