Tennessee Titans fall in power rankings

The Tennessee Titans fell in USA Today’s Touchdown Wire’s summer power rankings, and I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

The Tennessee Titans don’t get a lot of respect nationally when it comes to expectations, projections, power rankings, and predictions. That’s mostly because the Titans haven’t been in the national spotlight very often since the Oilers became the Titans in the late 90s.

That’s no fault other than their own, but even when the Titans have a good team, they still don’t get any respect. Maybe people are just used to the Titans not being a threat to other elite NFL teams, so they’re not going to take them seriously now.

If so, that’s fine. The Titans have to earn that respect, but an appearance in last year’s AFC Championship game should merit Tennessee some credibility.

The Titans came out of the NFL Draft ranked No. 5 in Doug Farrar’s power rankings for Touchdown Wire. Farrar updated his power rankings for the summer, and he dropped the Titans to No. 8.

From the draft to now, it doesn’t seem like the Titans have done enough in free agency to fall three spots in the power rankings, which makes the decision to drop them to No. 8 a questionable one. Farrar’s response? Well, he doesn’t address directly why the Titans fell, but instead why the Titans are ranked in the top-ten in the first place.

“After six decent seasons with the Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill did something most quarterbacks don’t do — he got better in his early thirties with a different team,” Farrar said. “Like, a lot better. Tannehill led the NFL in passer rating, yards per attempt, yards per completion, Adjusted Yards gained per Pass Attempt, Net Adjusted Net Yards per Pass Attempt, and he was the league’s most efficient passer on more different kinds of throws than anyone else. Tannehill got a new four-year, $118 million contract, and justifiably so. Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith will get a head coaching gig out of that sooner than later, and justifiably so. The larger question for the team that lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game is how the Titans will overcome the retirement of defensive coordinator Dean Pees. If they’re able to do so, a Super Bowl appearance is not out of the question.”

He makes some good points as to why the Titans are a top-ten team, but in this case, why did the Titans fall three spots?

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The Titans still have a lot to prove in 2020. If they can continue to prove that they’re one of the top teams in the AFC, then they’ll earn that respect. Otherwise, they’ll have to keep battling from behind.

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