Tennessee Basketball dominates top scorers in SEC history list

Tennessee Basketball has four players in the SEC’s top ten scorers list, and no other SEC program has more than one player on that list.

Tennessee basketball isn’t known in the college basketball community as historically dominant, or a blue blood, or a school that really has ever been great. For a decent amount of Tennessee basketball’s life, they haven’t been great and sometimes not even good.

Tennessee has never been a basketball school, and that’s something that most Tennessee fans recognize, but even though Tennessee has never been to a Final Four or won a National Championship, the Vols still have had a lot of elite players.

Tennessee basketball’s Twitter account tweeted out the four Vols on the SEC’s all-time scorers list. Of the top-ten, Tennessee has four players on the list, which is more than any other SEC team. Tennessee is the only school to have more than one player in the top-ten.

The four Vols that made the list are Chris Lofton at No. 10, Tony White at No. 6, Ernie Grunfeld at No. 5, and Allan Houston at No. 2. If you’re ever on a list with those four guys, then you’ve probably played at an elite level in college basketball.

This just goes to show the great players that have come through the Tennessee basketball program. This program excludes the current NBA players that weren’t just great scorers but were great all-around players and off-the-court role models.

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Rick Barnes has brought Tennessee to a spot where many people didn’t expect the Vols to be anytime soon. After a down year, Barnes will have some high expectations again this fall when the BasketVols return to the court.

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