Tennessee Football: Could the “We Want to Play” movement save the CFB season?

NFL players are coming together and sharing on social media “#WeWantToPlay,” and that could save the Tennessee Football and CFB season, too.

Tennessee football has high expectations this year, but we’re on the brink of not seeing Tennessee have the opportunity to live up to those expectations due to COVID-19.

You might have seen some NFL players take matters into their own hands by tweeting “#WeWantToPlay” to show team executives and the league office that they want to play, even if that means no fans in the stadium. If college football players want to play, they might have to speak out in a similar way.

If college football players and even college athletes across all sports took to social media to tweet the same hashtag or a similar hashtag to prove to their school’s athletic department and the NCAA that they want to play. If they don’t, they might have to wait until 2021 to play another game.

With the NFL players uniting as one to show that they are ready, willing, and able to play the 2020 NFL season starting Week 1, there’s hope that the season will happen. There isn’t that same confidence when it comes to the college football season.

Players have mostly been silent as conferences are cutting the season by at least three games, leaving only a couple of major conferences to decide what they want to do, including the SEC.

If college football players want to play what is left of the season, I think they’re going to have to use their voices to make sure their opinion is heard and weighed in the decision; otherwise, the conferences will do what they think is best for themselves.

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It will be interesting to see how the college football season plays out and if players across the country unite like NFL players have to show that they want to play this season.

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