Tennessee Titans have the second-worst backup QBs in the league

The Tennessee Titans hope to have one of the best starting quarterbacks in the league, but the backup QBs are the second-worst in the league.

The Tennessee Titans don’t have a great quarterback situation on its hands for the 2020 season. The Titans have Ryan Tannehill as its starting quarterback, but other than that, the Titans are one of the worst in the league when it comes to its backup quarterback situation.

According to Pro Football Focus, the Titans are the second-worst in the league when it comes to its backup quarterback situation.

If it weren’t for the backup quarterback last season, who knows where the Titans would be right now. They definitely wouldn’t be coming off an AFC Championship appearance with a chance to win the AFC South. They would probably be in the exact opposite position.

Thanks to Tannehill’s breakout performance in 2019, the Titans extended Tannehill’s contract with a four-year, $118 million extension.

Now the Titans have two different quarterbacks that will battle it out for the QB2 spot on the depth chart. It will be between Logan Woodside and 2020 seventh-round pick Cole McDonald out of Hawaii.

PFF’s Ian Hartitz ranked the Titans No. 31 in the league with its backup quarterback situation with Woodside and McDonald backing up Tannehill.

“The Titans narrowly avoided being the league’s single-worst backup QB room by devoting at least a single draft pick to the group,” Hartitz said. “As one of the few people on this planet who watched every AAF game back in the spring of 2019, I can assure you that Woodside is not an answer. He was largely out-played by backup QB Marquise Williams with the San Antonio Commanders. And then we have McDonald, who threw for 70 touchdowns and 8,032 yards during his three seasons at Hawaii. The dual-threat talent was selected in the seventh round and possesses a fun style of play, but to call him raw is a vast understatement. An injury to Ryan Tannehill would likely lead to an even more-robust workload for Derrick Henry.”

The Los Angeles Rams narrowly edged out the Titans and won the honor of having the worst backup quarterback situation in the NFL.

Usually, the backup quarterback situation wouldn’t matter too much for a team that wants to be a championship contender but a solid backup to come in if he’s needed at any point throughout the season.

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A veteran quarterback could be added to the mix, but the Titans will have to move quickly if they want to bring in another guy. As of right now, the Titans still have a lot to prove, and if a backup quarterback has to come in for any reason, it could set the Titans back.

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