Tennessee Titans aren’t done with Jadeveon Clowney

The Tennessee Titans-Jadeveon Clowney saga isn’t over yet, but with in-person free-agent meetings still not allowed, it’s a tough sell.

The Tennessee Titans have been chasing Jadeveon Clowney since the beginning of free agency. There have been ups and downs, times where it looked like Clowney was going to sign with the Titans within the next 24 hours and times where it seemed like he might never sign.

Earlier this year, Clowney said that he wouldn’t sign until he can meet with teams in-person rather than over Zoom calls. I don’t blame him for wanting to do that, especially since he is looking to get at least one more big contract in his career.

Even though the NFL still isn’t allowing in-person meetings for free agents, the Titans haven’t stopped recruiting Clowney, and now, even some of the players are getting involved.

Nearly two months ago, Taylor Lewan tweeted a video from Michigan’s bowl game against South Carolina when Lewan and Clowney were still both in college. Lewan attempted to recruit Clowney with an offer to join forces in Nashville.

The recruiting hasn’t stopped there. Titans safety Kenny Vaccaro has also taken the recruiting process into his own hands by tweeting at Clowney. His tweet wasn’t as elaborate or touching as Lewan’s, but the simplicity of the tweet has a ring to it.

If Clowney did indeed pull up, the Titans would immediately rise up the rankings as contenders. Adding a player to the defense with the talent that Clowney has is game-changing.

With training camp starting for the NFL, Clowney will need to make a decision soon if he wants to play a full season this fall. That could mean signing with a team without visiting in-person first. It doesn’t make sense why the NFL won’t allow in-person free-agent meetings yet, but they’re allowing training camp to begin.

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For now, it’s a waiting game for the Titans and any other team that might be interested around the league.

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