Is the new SEC schedule better or worse for Tennessee Football?

The SEC schedule has released an updated schedule, and Tennessee Football has two interesting new opponents on the schedule.

It’s still unknown if the college football season will happen, but the SEC has come up with its new conference-only schedule for the 2020 season, and Tennessee football did not luck into two easy opponents.

The start date is the first thing to note with the new conference-only schedule. The new start date will be September 26, and the SEC Championship will end the conference season on December 19. With the delayed date, the SEC has also moved to a conference-only schedule.

With the new conference-only schedule, Tennessee won’t be making the trip to Norman to face Oklahoma, so I think it’s safe to assume Tennessee would’ve won that game.

With Oklahoma and other non-conference opponents out of the picture, the SEC will add two more conference opponents to everyone’s schedule from the opposing conference. That means the Vols will have two more SEC West opponents on the schedule.

The two new opponents on Tennessee’s schedule will be Ole Miss and LSU. Leave it to the SEC to give Tennessee Lane Kiffin and the defending National Champions.

It will be interesting to see where the SEC places Ole Miss and LSU in Tennessee’s schedule. Will they give us LSU and Alabama back-to-back? I wouldn’t be surprised.

The schedule didn’t get any easier with the new additions, so it will be another season for the Vols and Jeremy Pruitt to prove that they can be elite.

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The college football season still might not happen, but it’s a step in the right direction. We might not get a full bowl season, but at the very least, we will probably get a college football regular season.

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