Nashville Predators’ continued inconsistency could end their season early

The Nashville Predators have carried their inconsistencies over from early 2020 to the new NHL playoff format, and it could end their season early.

The Nashville Predators are only a few years removed from their Stanley Cup Final appearance, but the team continues to find consistency as they try to return to the championship series.

This Preds team has been unable to find consistency dating all the way back to late 2019. The Preds’ inconsistencies forced general manager David Poile to make a coaching change. After an extended COVID-19 break, the inconsistencies are still apparent when the Preds are on the ice.

The Arizona Coyotes are by no means an elite hockey club. You would think that the Predators wouldn’t have to sweat too much in this series, especially since Nashville is the higher seed and favorite.

With the Predators still unable to fix their issues on the ice, they’ve struggled to show that they can make another run for the Cup, or even beat the Coyotes. After Game 1, it looked like the Predators were going to get swept and embarrassed.

Nashville came out and dominated Game 2 to give Preds fans hope only for the Coyotes to dominate again in Game 3. Now, the Predators are on the brink of elimination and can’t suffer to have another bad game if they want to keep playing.

Mental errors will be something to watch for in Game 4. Can the Preds cut down on the mental errors and play a clean game? If so, with the talent that the Preds have on their first and second line, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t score at least three goals and beat the Coyotes in the next two games.

Friday afternoon’s Game 4 will be an important one for the Preds. If they can win Game 4 and find a way to win Game 5 on Sunday, then John Hynes and company will have a little more time to figure things out. If the Preds lose Game 4, then some serious changes are going to be called for.