Tennessee Titans D-Line doesn’t need Jurrell Casey to be successful

The Tennessee Titans will be without Jurrell Casey for the first time in nearly a decade, but the Titans d-line isn’t sweating it.

The Tennessee Titans defensive line is looking up with DaQuan Jones and Jeffery Simmons, now leading the charge upfront. It will be the first time in nearly a decade that Titans fans won’t see Jurrell Casey in a Titans uniform. The d-line seems to have already moved on from Casey, but if they’re not over Casey, then they’ll have to move on fast.

Casey will be participating in the Titans’ first game of the season, but he won’t be in a Titans uniform. Casey will be playing against the Titans in Week 1 as a member of the Denver Broncos.

Defensive lineman DaQuan Jones doesn’t seem to be bothered by that or the fact that the Titans won’t be able to rely on a consistent player like Casey.

“A lot of people think we can’t do anything because we lost 99 (Jurrell Casey), but we have a good group of guys, we will be just fine,” Jones said.

That doesn’t mean that Jones and Casey have lost contact with each other. Jones said that he and Casey still talk every week.

Jack Crawford, 2019 UDFA Isaiah Mack, and 2020 fifth-round pick Larrell Murchison will help fill the gaps where they’re needed throughout the season behind Jones and Simmons.

With the talent that is on the Titans’ defensive line, I don’t expect the Titans to slip much, if at all. Simmons has the potential to be the Titans’ next Jurrell Casey, and he could be a better player.

The Titans might have the best front seven in years. The defense was elite in 2019, and they can be just as good or better in 2020 with its new-look.

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The Titans are going to have to live up to some big expectations this year and exceed the expectations of the people who doubt them.

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