Tennessee Titans: The Jadeveon Clowney saga is finally over

The Jadeveon Clowney saga has been taking place for what feels like a decade, and the Tennessee Titans have secured the bag, and so did Clowney.

The Tennessee Titans have been chasing Jadeveon Clowney since the beginning of free agency, so seeing rumors about Clowney coming to Nashville is something that I have gotten used to on Twitter.

Saturday was no different, but it seemed like there were more rumors and “reports” than usual, and it didn’t slow down like it usually did. Then some of the national media figures started tweeting the same things about Clowney and Nashville. At that point, I started to lean up in my chair, thinking that the Titans might just pull it off.

Dianna Russini of ESPN tweeted last night that Clowney has told the Titans that he will be coming to Nashville over the Saints who made a recent push for Clowney. When Russini and others reported that Clowney was coming to Nashville, Titans fans and players alike shared their excitement for Clowney to be a Titan.

Clowney is a big get for the Titans, and General Manager Jon Robinson was able to bring Clowney to Nashville when he had the option to go to Baltimore and New Orleans.

The contract hasn’t been officially confirmed, but Clowney is expected to get anywhere from $12-15 million for his one year contract.

Clowney’s presence on the Titans defense will not only help cover some of the production lost when the Titans traded Jurrell Casey, but Clowney will also add extra production on top of that. The Titans could have one of the best run defenses in the NFL with Clowney, Jeffery Simmons, and DaQaun Jones in the trenches.

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Earlier this week, Mike Vrabel said there’s enough time for Clowney to come in and be ready for Week 1, but with Clowney not going to be on the practice field until Monday, we’ll have to wait and see if Clowney will be strapping up for game one.

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