Tennessee Football: Pruitt continues to be disappointed in the defense

Jeremy Pruitt is pleased with the offensive half of Tennessee Football, but not so much when it comes to the defensive half of the team.

Earlier this week, Jeremy Pruitt expressed his lack of excitement for Tennessee football’s defensive line. I offered the question, could it be from a lack of talent or Pruitt’s high expectations as a defensive-minded coach? I guess we will find out the answer when the season starts.

Pruitt is back at it expressing his disappointment for not only the defensive line but for the entire defense while boosting up the offense.

“I’ve really been excited about our offensive unit…They play with an attitude. I’ve been excited about them,” Pruitt said on Saturday.

“Defensively, to me, has been very disappointing especially up front. Just lack of physicality to finish. It is something that we definitely have to improve on over the next three weeks.”

I could propose the question again, do the Vols simply not have enough talent on defense, or are Pruitt’s high expectations getting in the way?

As a defensive-minded head coach, Pruitt is going to push the defense more than he’s going to push the offense. He’s also going to expect more out of the defense. With that being said, higher expectations will come with that.

Pruitt also wants to be great. He wants to topple Nick Saban and Alabama, he wants to have the best defense in the country, and he wants to win a National Championship as a head coach.

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I don’t think the defense will be as bad as Pruitt is expressing here. We also have a few more weeks before Tennessee kicks off his season, so the issues that still linger can be addressed before the Vols take the field for the first time this season.

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