Tennessee Titans: What we know after the NFL’s kickoff game

The NFL has kicked off its season, and although the Tennessee Titans didn’t play, we now might have an idea of how well they’ll perform.

After a long 2020 without football since the beginning of February, it was nice to see football return with college football returning over the past few weeks and the NFL making its debut on Thursday night. The Tennessee Titans didn’t play on Thursday, but there are some things that we learned that could be applied to the Titans’ Monday night game.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Houston Texans to kick off the NFL’s season, and with the Chiefs’ win, there are a few things that we learned from the game.

The first takeaway I got from the game is that I no longer believe that the Titans or Broncos will come out slow with no preseason to get ready for Week 1. I was worried that the Titans might come out slow in the first half of their Week 1 game and struggle to get going offensively, but I no longer think that the Titans will have that struggle.

The Chiefs and Texans both have pretty good offenses, so it’s hard to compare every team in the NFL with the Chiefs’ offense. I also think that the Titans will once again have a really good offense that will be able to compete with the Chiefs, or at least the Texans.

The Chiefs and Texans collectively hit the over for the Thursday night game, which means we can expect a mostly normal Week 1 offensively.

I also took away that the Titans will win the AFC South. Yes, you can expect the Titans to return to the playoffs as the AFC South Champions, but you already knew that.

There has been some doubt that the Titans can be the best team in their division this season, but the Texans didn’t show anything too impressive in their debut. It won’t get any easier for the Texans, either with their Week 2 opponent being the Baltimore Ravens.

My final takeaway is that we need fans in the stadium for every game. There weren’t very many fans in Arrowhead on Thursday night, but they were still loud all night long. Some universities have had fans in the stands, NASCAR has done a good job at social distancing fans, and the NFL proved that they can do the same thing and spread out their fans.

Without fans, football is a completely different game. Fans can impact a game at any given moment, even if there isn’t a sellout crowd.

The Titans are still preparing for their Monday night debut, but we might already have an idea of how the game could look for the Titans’ offense.

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