Tennessee Football: Jeremy Pruitt calls out the NCAA

Tennessee Football has appealed Cade Mays’ eligibility case, and Jeremy Pruitt has called out the NCAA and said it would be “foolish” to deny Mays.

Tennessee Football has appealed the NCAA’s decision to deny Cade Mays‘ immediate eligibility. Mays was expected to be granted immediate eligibility after suing and leaving Georgia. He decided to return home to Knoxville and that seems to be where Mays messed up.

If he would’ve gone to virtually any other school, then he probably would’ve been granted immediate eligibility. That’s not stopping the Vols from fighting the decision. As the Vols wait for the NCAA’s final decision Jeremy Pruitt has stated where he stands on the situation.

Pruitt let everyone know how he feels towards the NCAA when it comes to Mays’ eligibility appeal. And he’s not happy with the NCAA’s initial decision.

“We’ve got everybody that’s playing NCAA football this year, their eligibility doesn’t count,” Pruitt said. “So everybody on our team can come back and play another year. A senior can be a senior again. A freshman can be a freshman again. And this is not just about Cade. I would say everybody that tried to transfer, to me, it would be foolish for anybody that’s capable of enabling this, it would be foolish of us not to do that just for what’s right.”

It’s even more frustrating for Pruitt and the Vols knowing that Mays will be a starter on the offensive line if he’s granted eligibility.

Pruitt is right, though. If every college football player in the country isn’t losing a year of eligibility this season, then what is the point of forcing someone to sit out? Mays and every other transfer should be given immediate eligibility for the 2020 season.

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Tennessee still has a couple of more weeks before they kick off their season, so hopefully, the NCAA will look at Mays’ situation and realize that he should be granted immediate eligibility.

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