Tennessee Titans: It’s finally game day!

What has felt like years since the last time the Tennessee Titans took the field, game day has finally arrived for the Titans’ 2020 season.

The Tennessee Titans are getting ready to start its season with the final game of Week 1. The Titans will take on the Denver Broncos at 9:30 pm CT to end the first week of NFL football.

This is the second straight year the Titans have started its season in Denver. Last season, the Titans lost to the Broncos 16-0, and that was the tipping point for the coaching staff with Marcus Mariota. This is also the game where Ryan Tannehill took over as the starting quarterback.

That Week 6 loss was where Titans fans saw their team be reborn. The Titans went 7-3 to finish the regular season after their loss to the Broncos.

Now, Tannehill will have the opportunity to redeem the Titans’ 2019 loss and start the 2020 season on the right foot.

This game should be a fun one. The Broncos are a physical team that isn’t afraid to hit you in the mouth. The Titans’ run offense vs. the Broncos’ run defense should be a fun battle to watch all night and see who will bend first.

If the Titans can establish the run game early and get the edge on the defense, then they will have a big advantage for the rest of the game. When the run game is working, the Titans offense is hard to stop.

Some Tennessee Vols fans might be familiar with former Mizzou quarterback Drew Lock, and they’ll get to be reintroduced to him as a Bronco tonight. Even though we don’t know how good a Lock-led Broncos offense will be, don’t underestimate them.

We’ve seen some upsets during Week 1, and having no preseason has hurt some teams more than others. It’s unclear how the Titans will be affected before they take the field, but I don’t think it’ll hurt them too bad after watching a full slate of Sunday games.

The late-night second game of the Monday night doubleheader should be a fun one between the Titans and Broncos. After watching some fun football throughout Sunday, I think this one will shock some people and be a competitive game in the Mile High City.

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