No more positive COVID tests for the Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans had zero positive COVID tests for the second straight day on Tuesday, so now what’s next for the Titans?

The Tennessee Titans have survived the first two days of the week with zero positive COVID tests. With no more Titans testing positive, the Titans should be able to open its facilities on Wednesday and resume in-person preparation for their Week 5 game against the Buffalo Bills.

This comes after the Titans had an outbreak last week and were forced to postpone its Week 4 game against the Steelers to Week 7. Monday was the first day in the past week where the Titans didn’t have a positive test from a player or personnel member.

The Titans currently have eight players on the current 53-man roster that have been sidelined from COVID-19, so they’ll have to plan accordingly.

Now, the Titans have to work with the NFL on taking the next steps towards getting back to where they were before the Vikings game.

Depending on what the NFL wants to do, the Titans might be able to open its facilities on Wednesday, but might not get back on the practice field until Thursday or Friday.

We could see the lack of practice in the Titans’ game on Sunday if the Titans get off to a slow start. The Titans haven’t been on the practice field since before the Vikings game, which could cause issues on the field.

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The Titans will have to take whatever process that the NFL gives them day by day so they can get back on the field, whether that’s this Sunday against the Bills or next Sunday.

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